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Being a musician myself, I have an insight into what kind of designs will work for other musicians.

Here is a selection of music-related design work I have created, from logos and flyers to cover art and web design…

Ease Springs

Certainly the most involved project I have been commissioned to work on by a band, Ease Springs’ ‘Who is Leonard Bopper?’ album launch was multi-faceted and spanned a broad number of disciplines. The project began with an intricate illustration for the album’s cover art, as well as the CD and inlay design.

The illustration was then applied to a unique story-based website, with 8 chapters, each being released at weekly intervals. The chapters were visualised by different zoomed-in sections of the artwork, several of which were animated through the use of CSS coding, negating the need for a 3rd-party player.

I managed the launch’s marketing campaign, building and scheduling MailChimp newsletters and running Google and Facebook Ads throughout. I also designed several printed flyers and ads which were published in prominent music magazines, including NME, Melody Maker and Grapevine.

There were several other related items and I produced a number of posters for live performances and other events in the band’s calendar.

Steve Crowther

Steve is a prolific songwriter, with over a dozen albums of material waiting to be released, for three of which I was privileged to produce the album artwork, creating the cover design and layout of the inner pages and CD face designs.

Natalia Ustinovich

I have had the pleasure of working with the highly acclaimed and well-respected opera singer, Natalia Ustinovich, on her EP design, as well as producing her business cards and letterhead.

Urban Muzik Renegadze

A group of Hip-hop DJs, UMR have had two mix album releases, for which I was commissioned to produce their CD inlay designs, as well as designing their logo. Their 2nd CD inlay was based on my own sleeve design, ‘GreenSleeves’, using a single sheet of A4 paper/card and a special folding method, which avoids the need for glue. I have also created numerous flyers, posters, banners and other related marketing materials for their various live performances in Chelmsford and London.

Richard Capener

Richard is an amazing guitarist, using a complex and challenging percussive style. I was ecstatic when he asked me to create the artwork and design for his debut album, ‘River’.

Tha Fü

A live Hip-hop band, Tha Fü are a crossover between funk, rock and rap, with a hard-hitting comedic edge to their lyrics and vocal style. Their debut EP makes use of my special glue-less folded A4 ‘GreenSleeves’ CD inlay design. I also designed their logo as an ambigram, which can be read both the right way up and upside-down – quite a challenging, yet very rewarding project!

David J Harvey

David J Harvey’s first album of indie pop songs, ‘Cinderella’, is an emotional exploration of David’s inner thoughts and experiences. The design and layout was a pleasure to work on, using the popular DigiPak folding CD inlay.

King Khamun

The indie rock and funk band, King Khamun’s debut 5-track EP was a great project, working closely with the 5-piece to create a design which gave a nod to the route of their Egyptian-inspired name and allowed for a lot of creative scope in its design and layout.

Astral Circus

This new-age world music duo commissioned me to design their debut album cover, inlay and CD face, using a number of pieces of artwork supplied by several artists to illustrate various tracks from the album. I used sections of the art to create alien planets spiralling in towards a central blue giant star. I also designed their logo with a Celtic feel rendered in moss-covered stone.