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Below are some of the assets I’ve designed for my business clients…

Many of the following projects were carried out as part of the client’s branding design, including logos, marketing assets and illustrations.

Produce like a Boss

Kris is a talented musician and singer, and has numerous licensing placements to her name, her music having been featured on several popular TV shows, ads and various other media and corporate applications. Now, Kris teaches other musicians and artists how to step up their music production and mixing game, as the founder of her own online school, offering a variety of video courses, 1-to-1 tuition and mentoring.

Satvada Retreats

Providing exclusive yoga retreats, both in the UK and abroad, Satvada Retreats required a number of assets to be designed, including stationery and printed marketing materials.


Art takes many forms… in this case, the artwork is printed onto square sheets of blotter paper, which have been traditionally used for drops of Acid or LSD. Of course, the sheets this client sells to their customers don’t contain the drug, only the artwork, which is highly collectable.

Beat Behçets

Maritza Lord went through a difficult ordeal with a condition known as Behcet’s Syndrome, which is related to severe allergic reaction to certain foods. Through careful selection of the foods she ate, she was able to create a diet specifically to combat the effects of Behcet’s and produced an online course in order to help fellow sufferers.

Sure Building Construction

This client operates in the building trade, carrying out high quality commercial and residential projects. I designed their logo, which was then applied to business cards, signage and other items. I also built their website.

Michael Elsner

Michael is a highly successful entrepreneur working in the music industry, producing various styles of music for licensing to TV, film and advertising. He also runs a number of different related businesses…

Master Music Licensing

This is Michael’s online course, in which he teaches musicians how to succeed in the world of music licensing. I was commissioned to design his logo, as well as numerous video cover splashes for his highly successful blog.

Real Musicians Don’t Starve

This logo was designed for another of Michael’s blogs, providing advice to musicians on how to succeed in the industry, along with insightful interviews with successful industry professionals.

Personal Logo

This is the logo Michael uses for his own music projects, primarily for licensing his own music, as well as releasing projects and for live performance.

Tomorrow’s Talent

Founder, Gavin Wilkinson, is an accomplished performer, having featured in a wealth of West End productions. He is passionate about teaching the younger generation the skills he has acquired on-stage and enabling the kids he works with to take part in professional shows on the theatre circuit. It was my pleasure to produce a number of glossy programmes for those shows.

Panic Magazine

Panic was started as a non-profit music magazine created to raise awareness of the local music scene. I was one of the founding members and designed everything to do with the project, from the logo and stationery to posters, event programmes and the first 7 issues of the magazine itself, later handing the work over to new and enthusiastic members, who took it forward for several years, branching out into various areas, including an annual awards ceremony, which still continues to this day.

Beyond Sound Yoga

Susie Bishop is a yoga teacher who uses music and sound therapy to aid in meditation and relaxation. I helped her produce a CD of some of her guided meditations, including her logo and CD inlay artwork.

Manyana Rooms

This project included a logo, stationery and background artwork for an online gaming website, whose catchphrase was, “The perfect place to kill some time, when you really should be doing something else.” With a quirky attitude and a fun image, the artwork reflected this ethos and was a lot of fun to work on.

Peter Sveniilsson

A very successful businessman and multi-millionaire, Peter wanted to send his friends and clients some unique Christmas cards and invitations, featuring his manor home and grounds. The only problem was that he didn’t have any snow in the photos he wanted to use. So my commission was to solve that problem by applying the snow and wintry atmosphere in the digital realm.

Yoga at the Mill

This client is a local yoga studio, working out of Chelmsford’s old Mill, which has been converted into business offices and conference rooms. They wanted a logo which reflected their ethos, using relevant words and phrases that inspired both their students and themselves. This was then applied to a number of flyers for the promotion of their various wellbeing courses.

AFB Productions

London-based talent, artist and event management agency, AFB Productions arranged many events at high quality well-known venues, including restaurants, bars and cafes, with blue-chip clients, such as Chez Gerard, Il Bertorelli, Loch Fyne and Caffe Uno. I designed the menus for these events, as well as some of AFB’s own marketing materials.

Broadfield Hotel

A small B&B in Bridlington, Yorkshire, Broadfield Hotel is situated in an idyllic location near the beach, offering a friendly atmosphere and excellent food to their guests. They needed a tri-fold brochure for distribution around the town and surrounding areas, including tourist information spots in order to successfully promote their business.

Star Lager

Commissioned to produce several marketing and promotional assets for this Nigerian imported lager, including Posters, Beer Mats and T-Shirts.

John Hoyle Cockcroft

I have worked with the Ex-MP, John Cockcroft, for several years on numerous writing projects, including over a dozen articles for the ex-MP’s magazine, ‘Order! Order!’, as well as other notable publications. Most recently, I have completed an extensive project, Mr Cockcroft’s memoirs, entitled, ‘Titans Encountered: Snapshots from the Foothills’, which is now available to purchase from Amazon. My contribution to this work includes, among other things, compilation of Mr Cockcroft’s original manuscript, editing and layout of the completed text, as well as producing the cover design.

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy is an accredited yoga tutor with the British Wheel of Yoga and has wealth of knowledge and experience in both yoga and meditation. This CD is a guided meditation CD produced for anyone who needs help with relaxation.

Stretch Physio

Founder of Stretch Physio, Ellie Searle, is a highly accomplished physiotherapist and Pilates teacher, specialising in several areas of physiotherapy, including massage, acupuncture, back pain and ante- and postnatal treatments, as well as the intricacies of health insurance and medicolegal issues. I have done a significant amount of work for Stretch Physio over the years, including the design of marketing, advertising and promotional assets, as well as online advertising… I have also designed and redesigned her website on 3 separate occasions.

Hummingbird Pilates & Yoga

The Hummingbird Centre, run by Kelly Jones, has been through multiple image changes over the years, all of which I have been involved with in one way or another. As well as designing two logos, I have also produced numerous assets, from marketing and advertising to promotional items, as well as stationery, website design and online marketing design.