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When creating assets, it’s not always about designing and laying out marketing materials and documents…
Sometimes what’s needed is a work of art…

Illustration can often be a highly creative process, accessing artistic skills, as well technical ability. The following examples called for more than the usual level of design in order to meet my clients’ needs.

Mark Davies Seeds

This client sells tropical seeds and plants, as well as a range of feed and equipment related to the successful growing of the same.

They needed a header banner image which showed the variety and beauty of the plants and products they provide in a friendly and inviting way.

Ease Springs

This indie rock band wanted a striking image for their album cover art, as well as their album launch, which was an extensive project, involving a unique story-based website, among other things.

For more details and images, see their full project on my Music Asset Design page.

I was also commissioned to produce 2 photo montage illustrations for further projects.

Produce like a Boss

Kris Bradley, founder of the successful US-based online music production course, Produce like a Boss, has a particular style to her branding, which almost always features images of herself.

She therefore thought it would be fun to have a cartoon avatar of her that could be arranged in any pose for her marketing materials.

So, in order to facilitate this, I created what’s known as a ‘Turnaround’, showing her from all 8 angles, which could also be used for comprehensive wireframe animations.

A Rat Catcher’s Tale

This project was originally commissioned by a client who later chose to abandon it partway through for reasons unknown.

However, I’ve never been keen on leaving a project unfinished, especially something like this.

So, having already invested a substantial amount of time and effort, I decided to complete the illustrations and wrote my own story to fit the artwork, resulting in the 32-page children’s storybook, which will soon be available to purchase on Amazon.

Balance Recruitment

This financial recruitment firm, based in London, wanted an illustration of the Central London skyline as it would appear in 2012 (3 years in the future at that time), featuring a tightrope walker straddling the expanse between the buildings.

The final artwork was a hand-drawn sketch in graphite, scanned and reworked before being printed onto a large canvas, which dominated the reception foyer in their London Offices.

Kelly Jones

Already a successful Pilates teacher, running her own studio, Kelly wanted to make a foray into the world of personal blogging with a new website about dating, introspection and self-awareness.

As part of this, she commissioned a short series of caricature-style illustrations of herself, depicting a few of the aspects of her personality which would feature in the different sections of her blog site.

Yum Yum Jelly

Yum Yum Jelly was a local Chelmsford shop, selling a wide variety of dainty knick-knacks, catering to the tastes of girls and women of all ages.

I was commissioned to produce an illustration for their Christmas collection, which was used in a variety of in-house promotional items and marketing assets.

Astral Circus

Astral Circus are a new-age world music duo, performing their musical arrangement on an eclectic range of ethnic instruments and producing pieces for relaxation and meditation.

They commissioned a number of artists to create abstract images to illustrate certain tracks, forming the artwork for their album inlay design. This piece is entitle ‘Morphic Resonance’.

Home & Leisure

These illustrations are representations of a proposed sales stand to be placed in a commercial shopping centre.

The 3D designs were commissioned as part of the required information to be supplied with the business’s pitch for their application – which was, incidentally, successful.

Stretch Physio

These two illustrations represent the wide range in complexity for some of the illustration work I have been asked to carry out over the years.

On one hand, the map is highly detailed and more of a piece of artwork than most maps tend to be.

While on the other hand, the line drawing of Ellie massaging a client is elegant but very simplistic, effectively portraying the moment.

Caveman Dan

This is a tongue-in-cheek caricature of myself, based on the nickname I have had since my school days.