“Make your first impression count…

…and make your business stand out in the crowd, with effective marketing that will immediately grab your audience’s attention!”

When trying to attract the right audience to your business, a stunning new image – with an eye-catching logo design and well-crafted branding – is exactly what you need!

Hi! My name’s Dan…
I’ve been specialising in Corporate Branding and Marketing Design for over 20 years, developing a keen insight into how consumers perceive products and services – and the businesses that provide them.

This has enabled me to develop a reliable formula to create an impactful visual identity for any business, that will immediately grab the attention of your target market.

My comprehensive Logo and Branding Design services provide an effective solution to all your marketing needs, empowering you to present a striking and compelling image in a crowded market.

Every business is unique, and this will be reflected in your marketing, setting you apart from the competition. I use this approach with all my clients, applying exceptional and cohesive design, with a focus on marketing to your specific audience.

Once you have your new Logo and Branding Design, along with a selection of Marketing Assets and your comprehensive Style Guide, every future asset you produce will ensure instant recognition by current and potential customers alike. Your Branding, tailored to your target audience, will result in new leads, improved conversions – and more sales!
My process is very straightforward…
1 – Brainstorm

Come up with an effective visual concept, covering form, styling, colour and type – and how these relate to your business.

2 -Logo Design

Create an eye-catching Logo that will embody your business’s character, style and ethos.

3 – Branding Design

Build a complementary Branding Design, as an evolution of your logo, through an informed choice of colours, fonts, images and textures.

4 – Marketing Asset Design

Produce 5 Marketing Assets of your choice, based on your new Branding specifications, thereby refining your Brand’s styling and design elements.

5 – Style Guide Design

Compile a multi-page Style Guide, enabling your design team to create further Marketing Assets that adhere to your Brand’s styling.

The whole process is covered in my FREE Logo & Branding Design Checklist, which you can download and start applying straight away!

In addition to my Creative Design services, I also offer a flexible Marketing Design Plan, which allows my clients access to a wide selection of Marketing Assets each month – and at a massive saving of 33%!

An overview to every stage of the Logo and Branding Design Process.
Every business needs a Logo and Branding in order to successfully engage with their audience. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you don’t have much experience of creative design.
To help you formulate a strong concept of what you want your Logo and Branding to look like, I’ve created a FREE 14-step checklist, which takes you through each stage in the process, from initial brain-storming to the final design concept.
Covering topics such as visual inspiration, form and styling, colours and fonts, structural elements and more, this Checklist provides a useful resource to all businesses, whatever stage they’re at in their development. Click here to find out more… or…

Design Services at a glance…


Your logo is often the first thing your potential customers will see. So it’s essential that it really does look great and that it portrays you and your services in the best possible way.


Branding – or corporate ID – is about creating a consistent visual image that your customers will immediately recognise and which future clients will be unavoidably drawn towards.

Style Guides

Your Style Guide will illustrate and describe every aspect of your Brand, providing examples, specifications, images and fonts, etc., required to recreate your visual styling.


An ‘Asset’ is any item of marketing, literature, advertising, promotion, stationery, web banner, etc., which is designed to be seen or used by your clients and prospective customers.

The hidden costs of sub-standard design…
How much is poor branding costing you?

How many potential customers can’t even see your offer in a torrent of marketing?
How much time have you wasted trawling through sub-par off-the-shelf logos from the lowest bidder, only to be disappointed with the result?
How many people are passing by your business without noticing you?
Are potential customers even aware of your product or service in the first place?

A poor quality logo or inadequate branding design may already be costing you a great deal!

Avoid wasting your time, money and effort on disappointment.
Download your FREE Logo & Branding Design Checklist, so that you can successfully reach your target audience:

I understand how difficult it seems to successfully attract your target audience…

Capturing your audience’s imagination can be a daunting prospect, especially for small or new businesses. You want to quickly grab their attention, so that you can show them how much your products and services can help them.

You know that, in order to achieve this, you need a high quality logo and an effective corporate identity. So, you’ve had a look online, trying out the usual suspects, but the logos and branding submissions you’ve seen on ’99 Designs’ or ‘Fiver’ just aren’t up to scratch, appearing to be rather ‘off-the-shelf’ and overly generic.

I appreciate your caution – you don’t want to risk the disappointment of receiving underwhelming branding which fails to compare with that of the competition.

It would be too disheartening to spend all that time and effort – not to mention the money – only to be left with an entirely mediocre set of visuals that would only serve to make all your assets look bland and uninspiring.

I have seen how frustrating it is for business-owners who have wasted their energy working with a sub-standard designer, resulting in equally sub-standard marketing materials, which are simply ignored when seen next to those of their competitors.

I have heard the same depressing story of frustration time and time again – and I don’t want to see the same thing happen to you and your business.

So here’s an alternative…

I’ve been helping businesses realise their potential for over 20 years, during which time I have worked with literally hundreds of clients, operating within dozens of professional industries, to produce a myriad of designs, from logos and corporate identities to thousands of different marketing assets.

My clients have saved hundreds – even thousands – of pounds each, by having me on their team, helping them to avoid wasting a significant amount of time and effort along the way – and they’ve always been ecstatic with the result!

When it comes to creative design and its practical application, I have the experience and know-how, the tools and, most importantly, the discerning eye for detail, required to turn out a fantastic-looking product every time, which will truly do your business justice.

The proof of my capabilities is right here, in my portfolio, so I encourage you to browse through some of my previous design projects. I’m confident you’ll appreciate the quality of my work… in fact, I’m already looking forward to working with you!

There’s never been a better time to freshen up your visual image than right now!

Take the first step towards attracting new customers with a brand identity you can be proud of…
We can have a chat about your project, discussing all the details, then I’ll provide you with an accurate, no-obligation quote. In the meantime, download your FREE Logo & Branding Design Checklist:

Added Value with EVERY Project

When I’m working on a project, I don’t just send a final design and leave it at that. Instead, I provide my clients with as much extra value as possible. Every project is different, of course, and your specific needs will vary, so here’s a selection of what I offer my clients, when providing creative solutions for Logo Design, Branding Design, individual Marketing Assets and the creation of a comprehensive Style Guide:
Free Consultation

I offer my clients a full consultation in advance of any work being carried out, so that we can discuss your project in detail.

No Obligation Quote

You’ll receive an accurate, detailed quote to ensure that I have fully grasped everything you need before you approve the quote and make your payment.

Project Plan

This is a step-by-step itinerary of your project, detailing each stage in the process, all the way from concept to completion.

Further Consultations

At every major stage of your project, we will discuss each item in turn, focusing first on your Logo Design, then your Branding Design, your 5 chosen Assets, and finally your Style Guide.

FREE 67-page eBook

My e-book, ‘Logo and Branding Design – 14 Steps to Success’, will walk you through the process of creating a great logo and branding concept for your business.

Comprehensive Proofing Process

Throughout your project, I will supply you with 3 full proofs for each main stage (as well as several sub-proofs) for you to check and approve, or provide feedback and amendments.

Colour Options

I provide a range of choices when it comes to selecting the right combination of colours for your Logo and Branding Designs. All of these colours are chosen to complement the design and the feelings you wants to portray to your customers.

Font Selections

The choice of fonts will be based on your business’s desired image and, from there, we’ll be able to narrow down the options, resulting in the perfect selection of type for your Logo Design and Tagline, as well as those to be used in your Marketing Assets, as headings, sub-headings, body copy, etc.

Bespoke Logo Text

I can adapt an existing font to make it work better with your logo, or I can create bespoke lettering from scratch, to become a unique element of your business’ brand and styling.

Logo Icon/Image

Often the main component of a logo design, from a simple 2D icon made of geometric shapes and lines, to a fully developed illustration, employing a range of traditional and digital techniques.

Multiple Logo Layouts

I provide a number of alternative logo arrangements with various positional relationships between the three main logo elements. You may use any and all of these as needed, for headers, footers, banners, flyers, posters, etc.

Logo Avatars

I also offer alternative ‘shorthand’ design options, condensing aspects of your logo into a smaller more compact space, which can then be used as square avatars for social media sites, etc.

Logo Favicon

A favicon is the miniature logo you’ll find in the tab of your browser, just above the website itself. These are invaluable for helping your visitors to find your site among multiple tabs open in their browser.

Marketing Assets

Marketing Assets may include online ads, social media covers, printed flyers, video splashes, course materials, banners, brochures, e-book cover art, CD or DVD inlays, etc… I will produce 5 Assets of your choice, each of which will be available for you to use immediately upon completion.

Multi-page Style Guide

Your Style Guide will consist of several pages, detailing all your Brand elements, how and where they are to be applied and what kind of styling and arrangement options may be employed in order to produce all your future Marketing Assets.

Supporting Materials

Accompanying the main document of your Style Guide will be a number of items you’ll need to complete the package, including essential components of your brand identity, such as your various logos, fonts, colour palettes, foreground and background images, textures, etc.

And even before you commission Sidrat Design for your project, I want to give you something valuable that you can use straight away! So, please download my FREE Logo & Branding Design Checklist, here:

Are you struggling to attract the right customers?

Most small and new businesses don’t promote their products and services effectively…

…usually because their branding doesn’t stand out against the competition in a crowded market. At Sidrat Design, you’ll receive an eye-catching logo and branding solution that will really do your business justice – and which will speak to your prospective customers in just the right way, enabling you to successfully promote your products and services with confidence.

“Make your first impression count with well-crafted branding and an eye-catching logo design!”

Discover a fool proof method for arriving at a fantastic logo design concept and create a strong plan for the styling of your brand… Simply follow all 14 steps in my FREE Logo & Branding Design Checklist and you’ll be well on your way to having a striking new branding solution that will effectively convey the products, services, character and ethos of your business to your potential customers!

It’s ALL about Image

Here’s why you should invest in a new Logo and Branding RIGHT NOW!

If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re struggling to attract enough of the right customers. In order to improve your conversion rates, you need your business to stand out among the competition.
To do that you need to have a strong and effective corporate identity, something which can grab your audience’s attention and bring them into your sphere of influence.

Once you’ve achieved that, half the battle is won!
From that point on, all you need to do is convince your visitors, using well chosen words and images, that you can provide them with the products and services they need.
Of course, that’s down to your marketing team…
Right now, the issue is that you don’t know how to achieve that first vital step – it’s a hurdle you can’t get over on your own. You need professional help in the creation of eye-catching marketing materials, for which you need effective and enticing branding.

So, how do you get past that hurdle?
Find someone to design you a stunning logo and some great-looking branding, of course!
But, where do you find this ideal designer?
One option is to search Google for a design studio, but on closer inspection, you find that their prices are extortionate.
Instead, you try some of the popular freelancing sites, only to discover that the submissions are generic, uninspiring and don’t properly represent your business.
So, where does that leave you? Well, the problem you face is selecting the right designer among a host of options, ranging from painfully inept to hideously over-priced, with very little of merit in-between. This impossible decision only leads to confusion and inaction at best – intense frustration or expensive disappointment at worst.

But there is a Solution!

The reason I started Sidrat Design is that I want to help new and small businesses find their way in a market flooded with bad, generic design, where the only alternative is overly expensive established studios.

I believe that NO business, however small or newly formed, should be held back from achieving their goals by either poor design or excessive rates.
I’m committed to providing exemplary design services at a reasonable and affordable price. And the fact that you’re here on my site tells me that you’re dedicated to making your business a success.
I can help you take the first steps towards achieving that goal by providing you with the means to present the right image to your prospective customers.

Your business deserves to succeed, so pick up the phone and give me a call – or drop me an email – to arrange your free consultation, during which we can discuss every aspect of your project.
I’ll send you a quote and we can get started on your project straight away! First your Logo, next your Branding and 5 Assets, then lastly your Style Guide.

So, download your free Logo & Branding Design Checklist today and say goodbye to your confusion and frustration!

Soon you’ll be able to start promoting your business with confidence, enticing more customers, gathering more leads and making more sales.

There’s never been a better time to nail your branding than right now!

4 Simple Steps to receive your bespoke Logo, Branding Design, Marketing Assets and Style Guide:

For further info, take a look at these 4 Simple Steps in more detail …or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling straight away…


Basic Rates:

Creative Design:

Logo & Icon Design

Branding & Corporate ID Design

Bespoke Text and Typefaces

Image Montages & Cover Art Design

Asset Template Creation

Document Layout:


Web Banners & Emails

Social Media & Video Covers

Posters, Flyers & eFlyers

Brochures & Booklets


Digital Illustration

Physical Media Illustration

Line Art, Monochromatic & Full Colour

Vector Graphics & Pixel-based Raster

Children’s Books & Picture Books


Here’s a selection of packages I’ve put together. You might find the perfect one for you, but if not, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to give you a tailored quote for what you need…

Marketing Assets:

If you need individual Assets designed for you, here are my standard prices, along with some example items that usually fall into each category. Jobs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis as to which category they belong, so please get in touch for a free consultation and tailored quote.
Single-sided (1pp):
Std. Rate = £150
Plan Rate = £100

Social Media Covers/Web Banners

Video/Podcast/E-book Covers

CD/DVD/Audiobook Covers

Printed/Online Ads



Business Stationery

Wall/Vehicle Decal Graphics

Double-sided (2pp):
Std. Rate = £210
Plan Rate = £140

Printed Flyers

CD/DVD Inlays

Business Cards

Food & Drink Menus

Basic Course Materials

2-page PDFs

Downloadable Checklists

Simple Forms

Up to 6-pages (3-6pp):
Std. Rate = £300
Plan Rate = £200

Folded CD+DVD Booklets

Advanced Forms

Folded Leaflets

Tri-fold Brochures

Appointment Cards

3- to 6-page PDFs

Short Course Materials

Long Checklist PDFs

Up to 16-pages (7-16pp):
Std. Rate = £600
Plan Rate = £400

Lead Magnets

Multi-page CD+DVD Booklets

Long-form Documents

Short-form E-books

Extended Course Materials

Sales Brochures

Promotional Literature


“Right Now is the best time to create your business’s visual image, with well-crafted branding and an eye-catching logo design!”