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Here’s a selection of just some of the logos I’ve designed over the years for my clients…

Creating a great logo is the first step towards an effective branding solution that will grab your audience’s attention, generating new leads and securing more sales!

The form your logo takes will depend on your particular needs, which will result in a unique design, ranging from simple to complex.

Simple Logos

If you’re looking for a logo that will have a strong and immediate impact, a simple design may be just what you need.

These logos are primarily flat, without a great deal of extraneous detail, often focusing on text, rather than emblems.

They still required a significant amount of work, but this was spent on concept and font selection or the creation of bespoke typefaces.

Moderately Detailed Logos

The following logo designs aren’t overly complex, but neither are they particularly simple, instead occupying the middle ground.

Their essential design is relatively straightforward, but the way that design has been implemented makes them more involved than a simple flat design.

It’s worth considering a logo in the mid-range of complexity, as this approach is ideal for many applications.

Complex Logos

Some logos require a lot of detail… sometimes they become more of an illustration than an icon, as is the case with a few of the following designs.

While others may have a subtle complexity in their creation, thereby still resulting in a strong impact.

All of the logos below involved a high level of detailed work in their design, some more obviously so than others.