Nobody wants to dive into a studio session with someone they don’t know unless they’re confident they can trust that what they’ll receive at the end of it will be worth the investment.
I completely understand! So, before you spend your hard-earned cash and risk wasting your valuable time, I’ve covered the top 5 tough questions most clients want to know the answer to, but were afraid to ask…

Is the quality of your music production really as good as you claim?

If you have any doubts as to the quality of my recording, editing, sequencing or mixing services, I invite you to listen to a few of the tracks I’ve worked on and compare them to those of other studios in the area… I’ll look forward to working with you soon…

How can you produce a high quality demo, when you don’t have the ‘right’ microphone, pre-amp or outboard gear, etc.?

My studio has a relatively modest set-up, with minimal hardware, as far as my recording and mixing chain goes. However, I have a selection of some of the best vintage gear ever made in the form of software emulations.
You may be surprised to learn that many of the top engineers in the world work solely ITB (In The Box) these days, meaning that they are 100% software-based, due to the strides made in physical modelling of old analogue circuitry, which is so accurate now that there’s almost no discernible difference.
As has always been the case, however, it’s not about which mic, pre-amp or compressor you use – the most vital piece of hardware for any producer or engineer is a good pair of ears, with experience and sound judgement coming in a close second and third place.

What happens if I’m unhappy with the final mix?

I don’t settle for a mediocre mix and I never let a client leave with a mix that they’re not completely satisfied with, either. But I’m not being conceited about my audio expertise – I have a system, which helps me to ensure a great result every time.
I work closely with my clients throughout the recording, sequencing and mixing process, making certain they’re pleased with the sound at every stage before moving on to the next. By following this simple rule, you can be confident of producing a great-sounding mix.

Why are your prices so low?

I’m able to offer significantly lower rates than high-end or mid-range studios, because I don’t have the overheads that come with running a larger studio. My own cozy little studio is based at my home, at the end of the garden. It’s rather smaller on the inside than it is on the outside; the reverse of a Tardis, hence the name.
However, the room has excellent acoustic treatment and the layout is designed to be adaptable for different purposes, by moving the acoustic panels into various configurations, from a vocal booth to a mixing room.
I could charge at least twice my standard rates for my audio services, but I don’t need to – and more importantly, I don’t want to, because I prefer to provide an affordable route for solo artists to have access to high quality recordings and great-sounding tracks.

I don’t think your services will work for me because I’m in a multi-piece band…

Even if you’re part of a larger group of musicians, such as a rock/metal band, a jazz ensemble or even a 12-piece folk group, you can still take advantage of my reasonably priced recording and mixing services.
Consider recording your larger instruments, like drum kits, elsewhere, then bring the unmixed multi-channel audio files to me and complete your tracks at Sidrat Audio.
I can record any acoustic or electric (or electronic) instrument you may have, as well as vocals, of course. And I can do all the sequencing and mixing required to produce a great-sounding demo, saving you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds in studio time.

If you think I’ve missed something off or you have any other questions you’d like to ask – tricky or otherwise – please feel free to get in touch; I’ll be happy to help!

Just call: 07967 879 289

Or email: audio@sidratstudios.com