Logo & Branding Design: 14 Steps to Success – eBook


67-page eBook to help new and established businesses create an effective new logo and branding concept. Packed with tips and advice, as well as exercises, action sheets and resources. For details, please click on the description panel below – or if you’d like to read about my eBook in further detail, click this link: Logo & Branding: 14 Steps to Success eBook Details


This 67-page eBook will guide you through every step you need to take in order to create your new logo and branding design concept. This eBook is perfect for any business that needs a new effective visual identity, but doesn’t know where to start. There are also likely be be a few nuggets of information in there that even some seasoned marketing professionals may have overlooked.

Specifically written for new and established businesses in need of new branding – or anyone who needs a great-looking logo and stylish branding.

Each step includes a detailed description of what’s involved and an exercise to complete, along with tips and advice on how to successfully do so.

Some of the topics covered include:

    • Finding a Visual Concept
    • Considering Form
    • Selecting your Styling
    • Colour Palettes
    • Font Options
    • Composing a Tagline
    • Compositional Elements
    • . . . and more!

The resource pages provide Colour Charts and Font lists, as well as the Action Sheets offer pre-made printouts for brainstorming sessions.

Together with your own team, as well as my knowledge and experience, my eBook will give you everything you need to produce a fantastic concept for your new logo and branding. By the time you’ve completed each of the 14 steps, you’ll be ready to pass everything over for me to produce the perfect design solution!

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