Added Value with Every Project

Added Value with EVERY Project

When I’m working on a project, I don’t just send a final design and leave it at that. Instead, I provide my clients with as much extra value as possible. Every project is different, of course, and your specific needs will vary, so here’s a selection of what can I offer my clients, when providing creative solutions for Logo Design, Branding, Style Guides and Marketing Design Plans:

Logo Design

1. A full consultation

This will help me gain a strong understanding of your business, target market, aesthetic preferences, professional aims and expected applications. I can then provide you with an accurate and detailed quote.

2. FREE 67-page e-book

My e-book, ‘Logo and Branding Design – A Step-by-Step Guide for ANY Business’, will walk you through the process of creating a great logo and branding concept for your business.

3. Icon/Image (form and styling)

Often the main component of a logo design, from a simple 2D icon made of geometric shapes and lines, to a fully developed illustration, employing a range of traditional and digital techniques.

4. Font selection

These will be chosen based on your business’s desired image and, from there, we’ll be able to narrow down the options, resulting in the perfect selection of fonts for your logo design and tagline.

5. Bespoke logo text

I can adapt an existing font to make it work better with your logo, or I can create bespoke lettering from scratch, to become a unique element of your business’ brand and styling.

6. Colour options

I provide a range of choices when it comes to selecting the right combination of colours for your logo design. All of them are picked to suit the design and for the feelings you wants to portray to your customers.

7. Multiple layouts

I provide a number of alternative arrangements with various positional relationships between the three main logo elements; icon/image, text and tagline. You may then choose one or more of these for different purposes.

8. Avatars

I also offer alternative ‘shorthand’ design options, compressing your logo into a smaller space, using initials rather than the full business name, for example – which can then be used as square avatars for social media sites, etc.

9. Favicons

A favicon is the miniature logo you’ll find in the tab of your browser, just above the website itself. These are invaluable for helping your visitors to find your site among multiple tabs open in their browser.

10. Proofs

I provide a series of comprehensive sub-proofs at each stage of the logo design process, with 3 full design proofs and 2 sets of changes. You’ll examine each proof and give me your feedback, amendments, ideas and suggestions.

Branding Design

1. A full consultation

Having successfully completed your logo design, we’re now in a strong position to begin creating your branding design. Once we both have a strong impression of what we’re trying to achieve for your new brand, I’ll be able to proceed.

2. FREE 67-page e-book

For those clients who already have a completed logo design, and who now need a comprehensive branding solution, my eBook offers practical tips and advice, with helpful exercises, resources and action sheets to guide you.

3. Styling plan

Whether inspired by the styling of your logo, or the creation of a contrasting style, your branding will be an evolution that will complement your logo and your content. I will provide a written plan, detailing the approach I’ll be taking.

4. Colour Palettes

I’ll draw inspiration from your logo, providing you with various related shades or just a selection of specific colours I feel would be a good choice. There’s also a range of colour wheels and charts you can reference in my eBook.

5. Font selection

Fonts for your branding must be chosen to fulfil all the roles required to complete your brand’s overall aesthetic, complementing your logo’s design, while also being perfectly legible at the appropriate sizes.

6. Assets

Assets may include online ads, social media covers, printed flyers, course materials, banners, brochures, documents, e-book cover art, CD or DVD inlays… the list goes on…

I will produce 5 assets of your choice, beginning with the one you feel is most vital to your business. These assets will be available for you to use immediately upon the completion of your branding design.

The process of designing these assets will result in the creation of all the design elements required to produce any and all future assets you may need.

7. Proofs

Throughout the design process, you will receive a series of proofs. In addition to the written styling plan, colour palettes and fonts, some of which may require a couple of rounds of sub-proofs in order to narrow down the favourites, I will also provide three full proofs for each asset.

Style Guide Design

1. A full consultation

Producing your 5 assets will have naturally given rise to an assortment of Brand Elements, which will then be available during the creation of all your future assets.

The role of your Style Guide is to give those Brand Elements cohesion, bringing them all together in order to facilitate the consistent design of marketing materials that will effectively represent your business’ brand identity.

The relationships between Brand Elements will be the main topic of discussion during the consultation about your Style Guide.

2. Multi-page document

Style Guide will consist of multiple pages, detailing all your brand elements, how and where they are to be applied and what kind of styling and arrangement options may be employed in order to produce any number of assets.

Here are some of the elements that will be included within your Style Guide:

– Page Structure Elements

– Foreground Object Elements

– Text Elements

– Background Object Elements

3. Supporting Materials

To accompany the main document of your Style Guide, there will be a number of items you’ll need to complete the package.

These include essential components of your brand identity, such as fonts, colour palettes, logos, foreground and background images, textures, etc.

Everything will be bundled up together into a single ZIP file, making it easy to share with any third party who may be producing assets on your behalf, which need to adhere to your business’s visual identity.

4. Proofs

That’s why I always offer three finished proofs with every project; to ensure the final design is complete and free of errors upon completion.

Applying those changes will result in Proof #2, which you can, then, double-check, just in case there’s anything that was missed the first time.

Then, when we’re both confident that all is going well, I’ll proceed with the rest of the document and send you the first finished proof, which you can check and get back to me with any changes you’d like me to make.

As with all the design projects I work on, I may provide you with a series of proofs, some early on in the process to ensure that you’re happy with the direction your Style Guide is taking.

Marketing Design Plans

1. Huge savings

When you sign up for one of my monthly plans, you’ll instantly be saving a ton of cash.

All my standard prices for individual items are slashed by 1/3, so at the very least you’ll save £100 – and you could save as much as £330 per month, depending on your chosen plan.

2. Flexibility

Whichever design plan you choose, it will allow you to access a variety of options when it comes to the actual marketing assets you can have created on a monthly basis.

Each plan offers several different combinations of asset types, from single-page items, such as online ads, posters and stationery, all the way up to 16-page documents, like e-books, course materials and corporate sales brochures.

All of these assets are available in each of my Marketing Design Plans.

3. High quality you can depend on

Due to my many years of experience as a graphic designer and my extensive knowledge of marketing methods and their application in the design process, you can safely rely on me to turn out great-looking and functional marketing assets for every project.

Each one will be created to draw your customer’s eye to your content, so that you can get your message across in the most effective way possible.

4. A simple process

From start to finish, I’ve made the whole process as simple as possible…

Once you’ve signed up to a design plan, just select the assets you want from the combination list and provide me with all the necessary content, including text and images for each asset in a separate email.

We’ll arrange a video call to discuss the details of each asset and I’ll get started. The proofing process will be the same as every other project I work on, with 3 full proofs and 2 sets of changes as standard.

5. The Assets

As there are so many assets a business could require for their marketing purposes, I have grouped these into the following 5 categories, in order to make the process of choosing your monthly assets as straightforward as possible:

Category ‘A’ – Single-sided Items (1pp)

Category ‘B’ – Double-sided Items (2pp)

Category ‘C’ – Up to 6-page Items (3-6pp)

Category ‘D’ – Up to 16-page Items (7-16pp)

Category ‘E’ – 17-pages and above (17pp+)

Various combinations of Assets A, B, C and D are included with each Marketing Design Plan Tier, but the E Asset Category is excluded, as any Asset of more than 16 pages in length must be assessed and quoted for individually.

6. The Tiers

There are 3 Tiers of Marketing Design Plans available for you to choose from; Essential, Premium and Deluxe. Each Tier offers a range of asset combinations, bundled into a single monthly payment, offering up to 15 assets per month, depending on which Tier you choose and which types of assets you need. For instance, ‘Tier 1: Essential’ allows for up to 5 assets, for £200 per month, in the following eight combinations:

With ‘Tier 2: Premium’, for £400/month, you’ll receive up to 10 assets each month, from a list of 27 asset combinations, offering you more flexibility in your options. There’s even more variety in ‘Tier3: Deluxe’, with 46 different asset combinations from which to choose up to 15 assets for £600 per month.